Why Work In Goiasa?

Goiasa believes that a valued employee produces more and better. Therefore, the company constantly seeks excellence in its services and has been growing and changing continuously, with remuneration standards compatible with the market in the region.

Remunerating each employee according to their performance is a way of recognizing each one's participation in the company's growth. Therefore, Goiasa adopts different reward strategies, such as the Profit Sharing Program (PPR), which involves all employees.

Our commitment as an employer

Goiasa believes in diversity as a lever for transformation. Throughout our journey, inclusion and respect guided our actions. Valuing ethics and safety, we work for the continuous development of the employee, stimulating behavioral and professional skills, always considering the plurality of the work environment.

We also believe that together we can transform the future. To this end, we invest in open dialogue with communities for social development. We believe in the creative and transformational capacity of everyone. Be part of the Goiasa family!

Areas of expertise

The Administrative Area is responsible for: certifications, finance, tax, people management, legal, environment, budget, planning, occupational health and safety, technology, among others. They are professionals who work together in pursuit of the company's development.
It is the sector with the largest number of employees in Goiasa and that produces our raw material: sugarcane. These professionals promote activities such as soil preparation, planting, cultural practices and harvesting. We have: agronomists, agricultural technicians, drivers, machine operators, agro-industrial workers and employees who work in the administration of the sector, among others.
Trade and Logistics
It is the area responsible for the sale of products, stock and distribution. Its function is to meet customer expectations and ensure that our products arrive with quality and on time. This sector is directly linked to the process of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Professionals such as: commercial analysts, forklift operators, production operators, looters, checkers, among others, can act.
The industrial sector receives the raw material and handles the entire sugarcane treatment, from the reception, preparation, grinding and treatment of the juice, to its transformation into ethanol, sugar and energy. Professionals such as chemical engineers, technicians, production operators, among others, work in this sector.
Automotive Maintenance
It is the area responsible for the maintenance of trucks, machines and agricultural implements that are used in the sugarcane production process. The main objective of this department is to ensure that preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out. We have professionals such as: welders, mechanics, automotive electricians, gas station attendants, lubricators, among others.