The energy to transform the world

Committed to our values, mission and vision, we are ready to continue promoting the daily changes that allow us to contribute to living in a better world.


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Participatory Administration

Goiasa employees are involved in the decision-making process. The participations are sized according to the needs and opinions valued at all possible occasions and aspects.


Our institution is strategically competitive - both domestically and internationally. It is an organization that remains attentive to technological opportunities and potential competitive disruptions created by innovations.

Integration with the Community

The relationship with stakeholders is managed and promoted by the company, mainly with employees, suppliers, customers and the entire community in which it operates.

Respect for the Environment

It is essential for Goiasa to protect the environment in all its operations, through actions that prevent pollution, preserve fauna, flora and natural resources.

ATG manages fair trade resources and socio-environmental projects.

Participation in ATG does not generate costs for Goiasa's employees, who have several benefits.

The CCJ manages fair trade resources and socio-environmental projects.

People, the source of our energy

Come work with us

With 30 years of history and more than 3,000 employees, Goiasa is a reference for the economy of southern Goiás. Our competent and diverse team is constantly expanding, following the growth of Goiasa.

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Respect for the collaborator

We have a multiple and committed team, which attests to the pleasure of working at Goiasa. We value the personal and professional development of each one, making the safety and well-being of our team an absolute priority. Therefore, around 96% of our employees say they would recommend Goiasa as an employer.

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Organic production

Care and respect for the environment have permeated the culture of Goiasa since the beginning of our journey, 30 years ago. Therefore, production with increased focus on organic products has been a natural process, with exponential growth withing our organization.


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