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Following strict international criteria and standards of quality and food safety in its manufacturing process, organic sugar is produced in an ecologically correct way at all stages. From sugarcane planting to packaging, chemical additives are not used. Organic sugar combines excellent quality and respect for the environment.

The production process

After the sugarcane harvest, the transformation process begins with the crushing of the cane, whose purpose is to extract the juice with the minimum loss of sugars, as well as to reduce the final moisture of the bagasse.

Upon leaving the extraction process, the sugarcane juice undergoes a treatment to remove impurities. The objective is to leave it with adequate quality to guarantee its transformation into sugar and ethanol. For the production of sugar, it is first necessary to remove part of the water contained in the juice through the evaporation process, transforming it into syrup.

When the syrup is cooked, sucrose is crystallized, giving shape to sugar grains, which are then centrifuged, generating a by-product: honey, which can be used in the ethanol manufacturing process. After centrifugation, the sugar is sent to the dryers for drying and, later, it is sieved. Subsequently, it is packed in big-bags and stored for sale.

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