We are a company with decades of expertise in the production of sugar and renewable energy. We produce crystal sugar, organic sugar and alcohol, ethanol and electricity from the raw material sugarcane.

Currently, we are a reference in the production of sugarcane derivatives throughout the country and our organic sugar has also conquered the international market. The product is certified and follows international quality standards.

Discover our 2023 crop numbers.

Our Numbers

+ 41.000

hectares of plantation area

which are equivalent to

+ 37.000

football fields

+ 172.000

tons of sugar produced in 2023

+ 3,000

professionals in the Goiasa team

Intern market:

Email - comercial@goiasa.com.br
Phone: 64 3608-8848 / 8829
Whatsapp: 64 3608-8829
SAC: sac@goiasa.com.br

External market:

Email - export@goiasa.com.br
+55 64 3608-8713 / 8809 / 8829
SAC: sac@goiasa.com.br