Goiasa believes in diversity and inclusion to promote transformation and ensure the long-term sustainability of its business. The basis for this to happen is to value the human being, each with their individual characteristics, stories and ways of living. We consider these elements essential for our growth.

We understand that, in order to achieve success as a company, it is necessary to guarantee the plurality of gender identity, beliefs, cultures, races, generations and sexual orientations in our daily activities. The basis for making a plural environment a reality is the establishment of active listening and respectful relationships. Thus, we contribute to a more tolerant organizational climate, encourage partnership, teamwork and creativity. We value respect for differences and condemn any type of discrimination inside and outside the work environment.

We believe in the growth potential of our employees and we have vacancies available throughout the year for PwD (People with Disabilities), promoting inclusion in the work environment and a better quality of life in a humanized and accessible way.

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How Goiasa works with People Management

We believe in people. We understand that a transparent relationship with each employee is necessary and we value respect for diversity. We offer training and encourage leadership, including the search for talent within the organizational scope, so that everyone can grow.

Security and Health

For Goiasa, the health and safety of its employees are crucial elements for business continuity. Protecting those who produce is a priority and continuous improvement is part of the process.

With a robust analysis for risk control, Goiasa invests in behavioral and quality of life programs, seeking Zero Accident.

Recruitment Process
and Selection

Goiasa seeks to attract the best talent in the market. For this, it maintains a Curriculum Bank with professionals interested in composing its staff.

We are looking for professionals with an entrepreneurial profile, who have dynamism, initiative, technical skills and leadership skills.


A stimulated employee produces more and better. That is why we constantly seek excellence in total compensation standards (salary, benefits and variable compensation) compatible with the best market practices.

Training and Development

Always concerned with the quality and professionalism of its team, Goiasa offers its employees periodic training, focused on strategic competencies and skills.

In addition, as an incentive for continuing education, we provide scholarships for employees who want to take a Higher, Technical or Post-Graduate Course.

Finally, aiming to develop and awaken the sense of a citizen perfectly inserted and integrated in society and in the work environment, the Caminhar project was created. Through it, Goiasa promotes educational activities, such as domestic financial planning, mental health and family relationships.

Continuous Internal Programs

Goiasa believes in valuing its talents and has as a guideline to fill available vacancies by internal selection, preferably. Thus, we ensure the continuous evolution of the competence of our employees and invest in professional and behavioral qualification, generating opportunities for internal growth with our Talent Bank. These actions contribute to the development of the employability of each professional.

The company also has a Leader Development program, in which professionals in leadership positions, or who are in preparation, receive continuous training.

Job Opportunity