In operation since 1991, Goiasa is a reference in the production of sugar and renewable energy in the country. The company produces crystal sugar, organic sugar and alcohol, ethanol and electricity, from the raw material sugar cane.

With a team of more than 3,000 employees, Goiasa is also considered the largest employer in the region where it is located.


Produce and supply renewable energy at the lowest cost, with excellence in service and in harmony with the community and the environment.


To be a reference in the sector as a company with high shareholder returns combined with social responsibility.


Garantir que os requisitos sejam comunicados, continuamente avaliados e atendidos.

Ensure that vacancies are filled, preferably through internal selection.

Ensure the continuous evolution of employees' skills.

Ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Meet legal and regulatory requirements for Health, Safety, Quality, Environment and Food Safety.

Control hazards related to food quality and safety, meeting customer requirements.

Ensure the effectiveness of internal processes.

Mitigate risks to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Ensure communication with the community.

Protect the environment with actions that prevent pollution and preserve fauna, flora and natural resources.

Ensure consultation and participation of employees.

Promote the continuous improvement of the Management System.



Participatory Administration




Integration with the Community


Respect for the Environment

Our purpose

Goiasa exists to transform.

For decades we have actively participated in the transformation of the world. Our main investment is clean and renewable energy. Over the years, the seedling turned into a sugarcane field and then the sugar turned into energy. Thus, we have become a benchmark in the sector as a company with high shareholder returns, without losing our focus on social responsibility.

Transformation is the energy that moves us. We believe that it is possible to produce and supply renewable energy at the lowest cost, with excellent service and in harmony with the community and the environment.

That's our purpose.

Our story

Goiasa was created in the late 1980s, responding to the appeal of the government at the time, which, through the National Alcohol Program, aimed to place Brazil as a producer of alternative energy to oil. The distillery, with an initial capacity of 150,000 liters per day, made its first harvest in 1991, producing 14.44 million liters of hydrated alcohol.

In the 1995 harvest, Goiasa produced 39.24 million liters of alcohol and started the construction of the sugar factory. The following year, the company produced 360 thousand bags of 50 kg of crystal sugar. At the time, concern for the environment led Goiasa to invest in the production of organic sugarcane, which, as of 1999, became a new product of the plant.

Even today, organic planting requires specific care, from nutritional management to biological pest control. In addition, all activities are carried out without the use of chemicals. The company has become one of the largest exporters of organic sugar in Brazil, serving several countries around the world in regions such as Europe, Asia and America.

Another milestone in the history of Goiasa was the beginning of mechanized harvesting in the 2000s. With the innovation, the organization began to offer more comfort and safety to workers and gained speed in production.

Currently, Goiasa has more than 3,000 employees and is one of the largest employers in the southern region of Goiás.